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18 juin 2021

Sue is a astrologer that is professional that will require your complete delivery information to ascertain your specific horoscope chart.

Sue is a astrologer that is professional that will require your complete delivery information to ascertain your specific horoscope chart.

Pro Astrologer and Registered Therapist

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delivering just the « Sun Sign » of you and your spouse isn’t sufficient to let Sue do a proper horoscope analysis before proclaiming to offer you her astrological suggestions about family members, relationship, wedding, or romantic relationships. Please utilize a name that is »pen in your page to Sue, should you desire, to guard your privacy should your letter is posted right here. Sue may also do a horoscope that is private for your needs by email, through the address below.

Many thanks for supplying this ongoing solution to those of us looking for love advice i will be significantly appreciative.

I have already been dating Connie for just two months now, and I also have not sensed that way about a soul that is human. You find « the one » you will know, now I know what they meant when I would hear people say that when. Both of us feel like our company is nevertheless dreaming as it nevertheless seams unreal that people discovered one another and think alike on many amounts.

My concern is that i am going to fall for this woman and obtain harmed into the end; because from the thing I have actually read our zodiac indications are not the best match. I assume if we didn’t last together if I knew in advance I wouldn’t be so hurt.

Thanks and Best Wishes

Paul (created third January, 1971)

Sun indication « matching » is extremely fundamental astrology and, much like countless other complex procedures, whenever you simplify it for this level, it is very deceptive. Misleading towards the level (for me!) where it must be entirely ignored!

You will be quite right in convinced that careful Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is kilometers far from party-loving Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. However your Sag gf has her Sun aspecting Saturn, which takes her much nearer to your Capricorn. You additionally have the Moon in Aries, that is in good aspect to her Sun; as well as your Mars and Venus in Scorpio come in the sign that is same her Moon.

Your Neptune normally conjunct her Sun – hence the haze that is romantic are both enjoying!

There isn’t any good good reason why this relationship really should not be a great one; but i will be just a little troubled by the concern about being harmed, which your horoscope shows could make you try to escape from psychological dedication. Life is filled with pros and cons, and quite often we have harmed. This is certainly area of the danger you are taking once you have into a relationship. Being in love is considered the most thing that is wonderful nevertheless the strength from it enables you to susceptible and it also does expose you to definitely discomfort. A lot of people think the pleasure may be worth the chance.

It will be a tremendously sterile existence to proceed through life without experiencing love; as well as your Connie has a moon positioning which can be generally speaking extremely constant once it creates up its brain. Do not allow fear prompt you to nervous – and keep in mind that this woman is using just as much of a risk when you are!

[Paul, many times it useful to see the https://datingranking.net/mature-dating-review/ article on « Love Without Fear » at: http://www.AstrologyZine.com/love-without-fear.shtml. – Michael Celebrity, Publisher.]

I will be composing to inquire of you just what classes i need to discover regarding love and relationships. I have nothing but squares to my Venus in Gemini in the 12th house as you can see. Love and love relationships are therefore acutely painful that i will be extremely discouraged and disgusted. Will there be a karmic course in this? Just what do i must be many careful of, before getting into a relationship? Must I just stay solitary?

Maggie (created 1st August, 1969)

Your Venus isn’t the happiest I have actually seen, but this definitely does not always mean you can’t have a relationship that is good. With Venus when you look at the 12th House, it is often easier when you can deflect a few of the personal trouble from it to connect in impersonal circumstances such as for instance a workplace. Many Social Workers have actually this placement, you feel connected to all the cares in the world – and with your Pisces Moon this will be intensified as it tends to make.

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