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5 juin 2021

Check in to My AP to get into free support that is online AP Classroom, including AP day-to-day videosAP Human Geography

Check in to My AP to get into free support that is online AP Classroom, including AP day-to-day videosAP Human Geography

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AP Human Geography

About the program

Explore how people have actually grasped, utilized, and changed the top of world. You’ll make use of the tools and thinking processes of geographers to look at habits of adult population, migration, and land usage.

Techniques You Are Going To Discover

Linking geographical ideas and processes to real-life situations

Understanding information shown in maps, tables, maps, graphs, infographics, pictures, and landscapes

Seeing habits and styles in data as well as in artistic sources such as for instance maps and conclusions that are drawing them

Understanding spatial relationships utilizing scales that are geographic

Equivalency and Prerequisites

University Course Equivalent

An introductory college-level program in individual geography

Suggested Prerequisites

Exam Dates

Tue, Might 4, 2021, 12 PM Local

AP Human Geography Exam

This is basically the frequently scheduled date when it comes to AP Human Geography Exam.

Concerning the devices

The course content outlined below is organized into commonly taught devices of research that offer one feasible series for this course. Your instructor might decide to arrange this course content differently predicated on neighborhood priorities and preferences.

Course Content

Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

You’ll read about the equipment and practices geographers use within their research of places.

In The Exam

8percent–10% of multiple-choice rating

device 2: populace and Migration Patterns and operations

You’ll explore the habits connected with individual populations.

In The Exam

12percent–17% of multiple-choice rating

Product 3: Cultural Patterns and Processes

You’ll concentrate on just how and exactly why language, faith, along with other practices that are cultural over area and time.

Subjects can include:

  • The other ways that social techniques spread
  • Historic forces, such as for example colonialism and trade, that affect social habits
  • Contemporary forces, such as for instance globalisation, that affect social habits
  • Why religions that are different in numerous methods

Regarding The Exam

12percent–17% of multiple-choice rating

Unit 4: Political Habits and operations

You’ll build in your understanding of populations and social habits while you find out about the governmental company associated with the globe.

Subjects can sometimes include:

  • Forms of governmental entities such as countries and nation-states
  • The some ideas and forces that shaped the governmental boundaries associated with contemporary globe
  • Kinds of federal government such as for instance unitary states and states that are federal
  • The facets that result in states breaking aside

Regarding The Exam

12percent–17% of multiple-choice rating

device 5: Agriculture and Rural Land-Use Patterns and operations

You’ll learn where people first developed agriculture and exactly how farming methods distribute around the world.

Subjects can include:

  • Exactly how geography that is physical farming methods
  • The origins and spread of farming
  • The Green Revolution
  • Just how farming practices affect the environmental surroundings and society

Regarding The Exam

12percent–17% of multiple-choice rating

device 6: Cities and Urban Land-Use Patterns and operations

You’ll explore the origins and impacts of urbanization, examining urban centers around the world additionally the part of those metropolitan areas in globalisation.

Subjects can include:

  • The factors that drive the development of urban centers and suburbs
  • Globalization and towns
  • City infrastructure
  • Urban design initiatives and techniques

In The Exam

12percent–17% of multiple-choice rating

product spdate mobile site 7: Industrial and Economic Development Patterns and operations

You’ll study the origins and influences of industrialization, combined with role industrialization plays in financial development.

Subjects can include:

  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Financial sectors and habits
  • Exactly how development that is economic the functions of females
  • Trade as well as the global globe economy
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